Here, we introduce processing services that we can offer.


Material procurement and Sales

Various stainless steel, mild steel, nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum are procured from Vietnam as well as from third countries. Industrial standards for materials are JIS / ASTM / ANSI and others. By adopting materials that are easy to procure in Vietnam for production transferred goods from other countries, it is possible to expect significant cost cuts. In addition, we also have a material sales license, so we can import on behalf of our customers and sell to customers in Vietnam domestically.


Based on customer’s drawing, our skilled programmers carry out drawing development, nesting process. Our programmers are also familiar with the laser processing machine, have a high cost consciousness, and challenge the limit of the product price from the time of estimation. >> Click here for more information.

NC laser cutting

It is possible to cut to a thickness of about 0.2 mm to 20 mm in a laser cutting single machine. We change set values of machines according to season, temperature, material type and plate thickness, aiming always at the optimum cut surface. >> Click here for more information.

NCT laser & punching

It is a multifunctional machine equipped with both laser cutting and punching press processing. If it is better to cut the laser or if it is better to punch out, we creat programs that have been considered at the CAD / CAM process for the optimum finish and the lowest cost. >> Click here for more information.


Depending on product characteristics, pressing may be more cost effective than laser processing. In addition, there are cases where press processing is positioned as a post process of laser processing, so press machines are must-have machines. >> Click here for more information.

Inspection of machining accuracy

The precision of laser machining is measured by two-dimensional laser irradiation equipment. Compare machining dimensions with CAD / CAM data on PC, and absolutely not miss an error of ± 0.05 mm. >> Click here for more information.

Finish cut surface

After machining by laser or press, burrs are generated on the cut surface. In addition to humanitarian tactics with cheap labor, we’ve introduced fully automatic deburring machines to pursue cost reduction. >> Click here for more information.


Our company is also based on the motto of small lot variety production. Based on this spirit, we have a stockpile of the various bending molds, and we can respond even from complex bending works or one piece bending. >> Click here for more information.


In addition to manual threading processing, we have the NC threading machine which can perform multiple tapping operations simultaneously by computer control. This not only realizes shortening of time and cost cutting but also prevents manual forgetting of processing. >> Click here for more information.

TIG/CO2/MAG welding

Experience is more important than anything else in hand welding. Based on the know-how cultivated by experienced workers in Japan, we also realize beautiful welding bead in Vietnam. >> Click here for more information.

Spot welding

It is a high quality and high productivity inverter spot welding machine. This machine can set the welding condition for special plating material. Welding by a spot machine is the best choice for products with an emphasis on appearance. In addition, we can also propose technology such as switching from full length welding to several spots welding. >> Click here for more information.

Robot welding

From small products to large products, robot welding provides superior reproducibility and high quality automatic welding. >> Click here for more information.

Surface treatment

Through cooperation with various outsourced suppliers, surface treatment such as painting, plating and alumite is also possible.


According to customer’s request, our company accepts assembly as well. We will inherit the essence of precise and careful assembly work at the Japanese headfactory and we realize the same quality service in Vietnam.


Dimensions which are one of the most important elements in precision sheet metal are judged in the inspection process. We regularly carry out both internal calibration and external calibration of measuring tools, eliminating the dispersion of dimensional accuracy. We will also carry out processing and inspection not only for internal standard tolerances but also for various product tolerances for each customer.


In our packaging process, we have concentrated many measures to prevent deformation during transportation, as well as many years of know-how here.
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